Emergence of the Digital Supply Chain

Author: Daimon Cooke  Date Posted:5 June 2015 

How your business can leverage 3D Printing to realise competitive advantage

Last week we were honored to be asked to give a presentation at the annual SMART conference. Managing Director Joe Carmody addressed the audience regarding the ongoing advances in additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies. He outlined what these mean for industrial and consumer products now being manufactured geographically closer to the end user and the subsequent effects upon the value chain.

Industry experts predict this transition from centralised manufacturing of stock to a distributed on demand model will, in the long term, significantly reduce inventory levels and slash transportation requirements. Together with the trend towards mass customisation, the impact to the supply chain industry will be transformative.

In this presentation Joe provides an insider’s glimpse of the state of the industry, shares insight into how businesses can leverage 3D printing today and also position themselves for the inevitable convergence of manufacturing and supply chain functions.

Is your business ready to take the next step in digital manufacturing?

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