PostPro SFX Desktop


Desktop Vapor Smoothing System

The world’s first bench-top vapor smoothing system, utilizing our cutting-edge green chemistry, PostPro Pure. Compatible with engineering plastics, the system produces a high quality vapor smoothed surface finish even in office environments.

What is vapour smoothing and why do you need it?

Vapor smoothing for 3D printing is a process in which additively manufactured parts are exposed to a vapor under carefully controlled conditions. This non-line-of-sight approach creates parts with a smooth surface, improved mechanical performance, sealed and sterilizable surfaces. This innovative technology opens a world of new application opportunities in industries such as medical, automotive, food & beverage and consumer goods.

Plug & Play

Simple and fast installation with a small footprint, enabling operation in an office environment.

Compact & Versatile

Designed for R&D and low-volume prototyping projects. Suitable for a range of engineering plastics.

Safe & Green Chemistry

The system utilizes PostPro Pure in quick-change cartridges, for safe and hassle-free operation.

The Complete Bundle

Pre-order the PostPro SFX with all the necessary ancillaries you need to get started.

  • PostPro SFX System

  • SFX Workstation

  • Rack Preparation Stand

  • Rack Storage Stand

  • Six Processing Racks

  • Cartridge Starter Pack*

  • 2-Year Warranty

Pre-order price:

€23,999 MSRP

*Includes three cartridges of PostPro PURE

Excludes GST, and all import shipping and customs costs

Availability in first half of 2024

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The Starter Bundle

Pre-order the PostPro SFX with only the essential ancillaries you need to start processing your parts.

  • PostPro SFX System

  • Three Processing Racks

  • Rack Storage Stand

  • Single Consumable Cartridge

Pre-order price:

€17,999 MSRP

*Includes three cartridges of PostPro PURE

Excludes GST, and all import shipping and customs costs

Availability in first half of 2024

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Although small in size, the SFX has the capability to achieve industry leading surface quality of 3D printed parts.

External Dimensions 450 x 500 x 845 mm
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Processing Chamber (WDH) 190 x 320 x 190 mm
Processing Chamber Volume 11.5 litres

230V - Single Phase - 13A

120V - Single Phase - 20A

Software TUP Lite
Compatible Technologies MJF, SLS, HSS, SAF, FDM/FFF
Compatible Materials Nylon 12 (nylon based composites and elastomers in development)


The PostPro SFX revolutionizes post-processing of low-volume, production and R&D of additively manufactured parts. Witness the SFX and its capabilities by watching the video.

Why choose AMT PostPro?

Having invented industrial vapor smoothing machines, we are pioneers of this technology. With over 300 vapor smoothing machines worldwide, we have the experience and know-how to produce machines that are effective, safe and reliable. The PostPro SFX embodies the pinnacle of innovation and proficiency, harnessing insights developed from handling over 30 million components at numerous blue chip customer sites across various industries.

AMT Patented Technology

Drawing on AMT’s 6 years professional experience in the chemical vapor smoothing industry. Protected under the following patents: EP3565712, GB2582225 & GB2597240B.

Enhancing Part Properties

The only technology that smooths and seals the surface and internal cavities of 3D printed polymer parts, while also improving mechanical properties.

TUP LITE Software

The SFX interface is designed for maximum user-friendliness. The operator inputs the thickness of the part, the fill level of the processing chamber, as well as the part characteristics. Following a quick visual inspection, the user is able to input all of the parameters and start the vapor smoothing process.

Unlimited Applications

Optimized for rigid thermoplastics, with an expanded material compatibility on the horizon. Ideal for SLS, MJF, HSS and FFF applications.

What Can You Expect?

The vapor smoothing process reduces the surface roughness of the part, enhances the material's mechanical properties, such as elongation at break and tensile strength, and seals the surface against liquids. View the before and after photos to know what you can expect:

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