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Platform Overview

With nTopology, you can solve the advanced manufacturing and engineering problems, generate unique high-performance parts, share and reuse your workflows with your team and more.

Design Automation image

Design Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in engineering, design, manufacturing, and product development.


  • Reusable Design Workflows
  • Design-at-Scale with Batch Processing
  • Multiphysics Optimisation & automated Design of Experiments(DoE)


Design processes, not just parts.

simulation image

Simulation & Design Analysis

Integrate engineering simulations and design generation. Build automated analysis workflows.


  • Reusable Simulation Processes
  • Built-in Finite Element Analysis Software Tools
  • Augment your Simulation Workflows


Design processes, not just parts.

Topology optimization image

Topology Optimization

Exceed performance targets. Automatically reconstruct optimization results.


  • Reusable Topology Optimisation Processes
  • Automated Geometry Reconstruction
  • Designed for Additive Manufacturing
  • End-to-End Generative Processes from Concept to Manufacturing


Design processes, not just parts.

Generative Design image

Generative Design Software

Take complete control of your generative design & engineering workflows.


  • Rapid Engineering Innovation
  • Generative Design with Complete Control
  • Multi-objective & Data-driven Optimisation


Design processes, not just parts.

Field Driven image

Field-Driven Design

A radically better way to generate & control complex part geometry for engineering, manufacturing, and advanced product development.


  • Blending Geometry with Physics
  • Field-Driven Design for Engineering & Product Development
  • Fields are the Gradients of Geometry


Design processes, not just parts.


With a diverse and unique toolset of generative design and automation capabilities, as well as an unbreakable geometry engine that can handle the complexities of advanced manufacturing, nTopology offers solutions to tackle the specific challenges of any industry.

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