Stratasys® Compatible Materials

We supply re-fill filament spools to be placed inside your OEM canister or cartridge and takes less than 4 minutes to reload. Each spool comes with a corresponding EEPROM chip (DRD for uPrints) that ensures that the material will run seamlessly in your machine. This Plug & Play method requires no adjustment or recalibration of your system.

These materials are currently being used by over 700 companies such as NIKE, Boeing, Honda and GE, and are the ONLY materials compatible with your Stratasys® machine.

Our prices are 25% to 38% less than the OEM list price which can translate to a direct saving of thousands of dollars per year. Essentially, we’re asking you to RECYCLE and RE-USE your OEM material carrier on each reload.
Note that running 3rd party materials in your FDM printer WILL NOT affect your OEM warranty.