Fire extinguisher mounting bracket for R35 GTR
(fire extinguisher not included)

The bracket is fabricated from high quality steel then powder coated piano-black for durability and a classy look. It uses the factory seat bolts and M6 high tensile hardware (supplied) to securely mount an aftermarket fire extinguisher (not supplied) in front of the RHD drivers seat.


CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) scrutineers have been cracking down on poorly mounted fire extinguishers at trackdays. This bracket has been developed by Trackday enthusiasts in response to Schedule H of the CAMS Motorsport manual . This type of bracket has passed countless CAMS scrutineer inspections over the last 6 years and has never been knocked back. The comment typically made is "that's what I like to see, nuts and bolts"

The bracket is fabricated from solid steel and uses the factory seat bolts and M6 high tensile hardware (supplied) to securely mount an aftermarket fire extinguisher (not supplied) low in front of the RHD drivers seat. The factory drivers seat is able to slide forward to accommodate even the shortest drivers, and even further if you remove the extinguisher for access to the back seat. Please contact us if you have aftermarket seats to confirm fitment.
What you get:
  • one (1) excellent black powder coated bracket
  • two (2) M6 high tensile bolts with wizzlock nuts
  • some nice packaging to keep it shiny while its shipping to you
What you need:
  • a good quality 1 kg fire extinguisher with at least one metal clamp and two 6mm mounting holes in the base. Stay away from the plastic bracket/clamps they are rubbish
  • make sure its got a recent date on it as it will only last 3 years
  • basic tools: ratchet, extension, sockets, hex drive
How to install:
  1. put your RHD drivers seat in your preferred driving position
  2. put the fire extinguisher on the floor where it would be mounted (use the bracket to locate it approximately) and check the seat slides far enough forward for your preferred driving position it and your happy with which end the nozzle is on
  3. remove carpet mat
  4. pocket the small change you found under the seat
  5. gently remove the plastic covers over the front seat bolts by apply a forward sliding action and gently levering them up at the front
  6. remove front seat bolts
  7. remove fire extinguisher from its clamp
  8. bolt fire extinguisher clamp to the supplied bracket in the position you determined already. Bolts go in from the top with nuts on the bottom.
  9. put carpet mat back into position
  10. now to put the bracket in place. Just lift the front of the seat up slightly with one hand and slide the outboard end of the bracket under the outer mount. Then push down the nub that locates the carpet mat and slide the inboard end into place
  11. bolt seat and bracket back in making sure you have at least 3 full turns of thread engaged (otherwise longer bolts may be required)
  12. replace plastic bolt covers by sliding backwards and clicking down at the front
  13. clamp extinguisher back in and check seat slides forward okay
The fine print
This bracket is installed and used at your own risk. Even though we have designed and manufactured it based upon our experience of what works evok3d accepts no liability for its use

Brand EVOK3D
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.240m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.470m

Fire Extinguisher bracket - Nissan GTR R35 - MY 17

By: on 19 May 2018
Product arrived promptly and was easily fitted by simply following the instructions. The bracket was mounted using existing seat mounts - no drilling of holes into the chassis necessary! Great product! Would highly recommend.

High Quality Product

By: on 7 December 2017
This GTR "Fire Extinguisher Bracket" was of very high quality and easy to fit, and is now very popular among the GTR owners, and Joe from Evoke made the transaction very simple.

Great product, fits up perfectly

By: on 13 March 2017
Product arrived on time quickly as promised, and fitted up exactly within 10 minutes. Excellent product, looks great as well, thank you.

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