Two-channel temperature controller

"DC = Double Controller" are in fact two temperature controllers placed in one housing with the possibility of freely configuring inputs and outputs and linking both controllers.

Application: universal controller designed to regulate the temperature in heating systems: - electric heaters, stoves - heating cables, anti-icing systems - incubators, terrariums, aquariums - boilers, heaters, etc. - central heating and domestic hot water pumps - solar collectors - fireplaces with a water jacket - actuators with a 2, 3, 4-way valve and cooling: - refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated counters - fans, coolers - car units (version for 12V or 24V), etc.

Basic information:

  • 2 REGULATORS in one housing
  • 2 measurement inputs
  • 2 control output
  • Combine T1 and T2 alternately
  • Mathematical functions (mean, differential measurement)
  • Possibility to associate the REGULATORS with each other (e.g. OUT1 = enabled, when OUT2 = disabled)
  • Digital input for manual operation or signal
  • Built-in buzzer (buzzer)

The device has 2 inputs and 2 control outputs that can operate in the HEATING or COOLING mode, and the measurement is measured from the T1 or T2 sensor, or from both sensors simultaneously. Thanks to mathematical functions, the measurement from two sensors can be calculated as the difference [T2-T1] (used in systems with a solar collector) or the average [T1 + T2] /2. The controller can implement both a simple, single or double heating or cooling system, as well as a more complex application. The controller, thanks to the possibility of setting the temperature setting value for each channel separately, enables control with keeping the "dead zone" thanks to the use of separate regulation for each channel. The controller has a digital temperature reading and a display calibration function. The value from sensor T1 and T2 is displayed alternately every 3 seconds. You can set the controller to display only one reading. The built-in siren can be set to signal activation of outputs and alarm conditions. The digital input can perform the function of an alarm input or a manual mode of output control. It can signal a system failure after activation of an external pressure switch or an STB temperature limiter connected to a digital input. In the event of a failure, it will disconnect the entire system with the possibility of maintaining the failure state until it is manually reset with the button. Installation in a board or hermetic wall-mounted casing. Examples of device control schemes with the DC20 regulator.

  1. Precise control system for the incubator chamber and maintaining the same temperature.
  2. Control system for the solar collector and boiler circulation pump.
  3. Fireplace control system with a water jacket.
  4. Fireplace control system and fireplace circulation pump.
  5. Heater control system with external alarm.
  6. Control system for two heaters independently.
  7. Control system for two heaters with two temperature settings (heating /additional heating)
  8. Control system for the DHW circulation pump and the central heating pump



2 temperature sensors NTC 5kOhm at 25 ° C

digital input (normal open or closed)

Measurement range:

-50 ... + 150 ° C

Accuracy of measurement:

+/- 0.5 ° C

Sampling period:

330 ms

Display resolution:

0.1 ° C over the entire range

Setting resolution:

0.1 ° C over the entire range


LED, 4 digits 11mm high with graphic icons

Adjustment method:

ON-OFF with hysteresis

Accuracy of regulation:

set in the range of 0.1 ... 20.0 ° C

Control outputs:

1 relay 16A, 3.6kW, durability 100,000 cycles of 1 relay 16A, 3.6kW, durability 100,000 cycles

Additional functions:

- mathematical functions (measuring difference, mean)

- selection of the temperature channel for reading

- acoustic signaling of alarm states

- possibility of linking both measurement outputs


in the hole with dimensions: 71 x 29mm

Degree and class of protection:

IP65 /II

Power supply:

230VAC +/- 15% or 12VAC /DC or 24AC /DC

Power consumption:

max. 3 VA

Working conditions:

-5 ... 60 ° C; 0 ... 85% RH (non-condensing)

Storage conditions:

-40 ... 85 ° C; 0 ... 85% RH (non-condensing)

SKU 3DG246
Brand 3DGence
Shipping Weight 0.7500kg
Shipping Width 0.850m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 0.800m
Shipping Cubic 0.306000000m3

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