Why ParaMatters ?

Our proprietary Generative Design and advanced manufacturing capabilities handle the most challenging engineering problems delivering significant light-weighting and performance enhancements. Get manufacturing-ready designs in minutes/hours instead of weeks/months.

Handles the most challenging engineering problems

CAD-ready output (B-rep). No human interruption or remodeling is needed

Manufacturing constraints for Additive Manufacturing and Investment Casting with optimised build orientation

Multi-physics generative design

One click reliable supports structures

Unique design of passive cooling devices

Robust and reliable slicing

Benefits of ParaMatters

The missing link in unlocking the true potential of Industry 4.0

  ParaMatters Other Solutions
Design Cycle Hours Weeks
Cost of Design Project < Order of Magnitude ~ $15,000 - $20,000
Design Quality Superior
(weight vs. performance)
15-20% lighter than other optimised solutions
Minimal Human Intervention
Less Optimal
Hardware Investment Zero ~ Cluster > $100,000 + maintenance


ParaMatters is a fully autonomous and intuitive generative design and simulation platform that optimises the most labour-intensive steps in the digital workflow from design to manufacturing. We deliver the best-in-class light-weighting and performance enhancements with ready to manufacture designs in a short period of time without manual interruption or remodelling.

Topology Optimization image cap

Topology Optimization

Available via cloud platform CogniCAD

  • Variety of loading conditions
  • Design goals and constraints
  • Outputs STL and STEP(ready for CAD)
  • Accurate feature-size control and manufacturability
  • High fidelity designs and unprecedented resolution (10-60 M elements and higher)
  • Friendly and intuitive UI

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Heat Conduction Topology Optimization

CogniCADTMallows design of passive cooling devices and heat sinks.

  • Boundary conditions are temperature applied on faces of non-design regions
  • Thermal loads are: heat flux applied of faces, volumetric heat applied on volume bodies (mimicking conduction and convection)
  • Design for thermal compliance under volume fraction constraint
  • Output is STL ready for AM

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Design of Support Structures

CogniCADTM offers fully automated 1-click design of support structures.

  • Overhang angle
  • Typical lattice size and beam width
  • Contact point thickness, total and penetration lengths
  • Output is STL ready for AM