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The Kevox professional printer produces high quality parts in three materials: ABS-like, Wax-like and Rigid HighTemperature photopolymer.


This material can be used as a substitute for ABS-grade engineering plastic since it delivers good temperature resistance coupled with
extraordinary toughness.

ABS-like Resin

  • Translucent orange colour
  • Strong printed parts â“ good for end use parts or test fit.
  • Crisp detailed print quality.

Typical Applications: This material is used in functional testing and prototyping. Therefore it is widely used for functional prototyping before final production.

Outstanding properties:

  • This liquid, photo-reactive acrylate-based material gives outstanding quality surface finish.
  • The cured material exhibits superior fatigue strength properties.
  • It shows excellent tolerance to a broad range of temperatures and humidity during and after build.
  • The material offers astounding chemical resistance.
  • The material shows a good balance between rigidity and functionality.
Physical properties*:
Viscosity342 mPa s at 25 degrees Celsius
Hardness (Shore D)82 shore
Tensile Strength49.0 MPa
Available ColorsTranslucent Red (ABS LC-100)

*All data provided is preliminary data and may change without notice.


This extremely versatile material is predominantly used in mould-making. This resin is known to yield highest quality and crisp details along with standard burnout procedure. These properties are extremely useful when it comes to producing high quality parts for industries that deal with precise and intricate designs such as Jewellery.

You can safely use this for production capacity direct investment casting (lost wax casting).

Parts made using this material evaporate at moderate burn out temperatures with extremely low thermal expansion. The burn out process is ash free allowing for a casting that is free from porosity. This is a distinct advantage since most other polymer based material result in the ash residue when burning.

WAX-like Resin

  • Uses generic investment casting powder.
  • Normal burnout cycle, low shrinkage and works like normal carving wax.
  • Non-brittle printed parts â“ print very fine details without the fear of them breaking during or after printing.
  • Wax-like parts are durable enough to be handled and survive being posted to clients.
  • No post processing required after curing, snap supports off and directly cast.
Physical propertiesᶷ:
Viscosity400 mPa*s at 25 degrees Celsius or lower
Hardness (Shore D)70 shore
Tensile Strength17.0 MPa
Avilable ColorsLight Green (Wax LC-200)

ᶷAll data provided is preliminary data and may change without notice.


Kevvox has specially formulated this photopolymer material that demonstrates amazingly high temperature resistant properties that allow for production of vulcanised rubber moulds without breaking or melting the material master pattern.

The key industrial applications include vulcanization moulds and critical parts that need to withstand extreme temperatures in the production process.

Physical propertiesᶧ:
Viscosity398 mPa s at 25 degrees Celsius
Hardness (Shore D)81 shore
Tensile Strength54.0 MPa

ᶧ All data provided is preliminary data and may change without notice.