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While you may think that you have heard this new 3D printer story before it has always been focused on the 3D printer itself. And while the R&D effort into the Kevvox 3D printer has been extensive, the team has placed equal emphasis on the development of complementary, integrated software. And it is this together with the high resolution and the affordable price that TRULY sets this 3D printer apart.

The Kevvox R&D team has developed sophisticated and yet easy to use software for 3D printing. Incorporating an extremely simple and intuitive user Interface, the software offers unprecedented functionality that addresses everything users would expect from a world-class 3D printer.


K-Studio features at a glance:

  • K-Studio can manage the entire 3D printing process, including material and jobs.
  • Many built-in functionalities that help users to thoroughly prepare the job for the printer.
  • K-Studio has extremely user-friendly wizards for ease-of-use.
  • K-Studio can save projects for easy sharing or future use.
  • Fully integrated with all Kevvox 3D printers, which bring huge cost savings.
  • High performance and speed.
  • Automatic and manual repair tools for object issues such as fix gaps and holes, unify all shells, remove intersections and overlaps, invert normals and many more.
  • Automatic and manual advanced support generation.
  • Ability to work with multiple 3D Printers at same time.
  • Ability to work with multiple materials.
  • Advanced object editing tools such as make-objects-hollow, create-holes, reduce-number-of-triangles, merge-objects and many more.
  • Ability to slice and export the objects.
  • Full object analysis.
  • Easy, intuitive placement and orientation of objects on the platform for best build.
  • Ability to work with different kinds of metric systems.

Why fixing .stl files is important?

.stl is one of the most common output formats generated by most 3D design packages for 3D printing and additive manufacturing applications. It is widely recognised that the .stl files generated by most 3D software is riddled with issues, that often require skill and a great deal of time to resolve. Often, these issues are not even visible to the naked eye as they are microscopic in nature. If they remain unresolved, they can seriously impact the quality of the final 3D printed part.

The Kevvox R&D team knew that this was a critical problem to resolve with the Kevvox 3D printers and they have tackled the issue head on. As a result, they have developed a built-in solution for defective .stl files K-Studio that will automatically fix any issues in the file before processing it for final 3D printing. This offers users a huge improvement in the precision that Kevvox 3D printers deliver.