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Insipre Professional D290

Overview of Inspire 3D Printer

The Inspire 3D Printer makes real 3D objects using thermoplastic ABS/PC material, directly from 3D digital models

The Inspire 3D printer system proposed includes the 3D printer equipment, consumables and the Model Wizard software package for 3D model printing. Model Wizard is 3D model slicing software, and can be used on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Win 7 and other windows based systems.

MEM Technology:

MEM (Melted Extrusion Modelling) is one of the most common and mature technologies in the additive manufacturing industry. The materials it uses are mainly thermoplastics such as ABS, PC, nylon etc. Typically these materials are supplied in filament form. Basically the material is heated to its melting point in the print head. The print head is then moved along a pre-programmed path and it extrudes the molten material in the correct volumes. The melted material solidifies rapidly when it is extruded into the environment which is at a lower temperature and fuses with the previous layer. Every subsequent layer is deposited onto the previous layer, and the previous layer supports and secures the current layer. When a contour overhangs the lower layers, and previous layers cannot provide sufficient support to the overhanging layers, an assisting structure is added to provide “support” to the overhanging layers.

MEM Features & benefits

MEM technology has the following characteristics:

No laser related devices are required so it is easy to use and low cost to maintain
  • MEM provides the lowest total cost of ownership compared to SLS and SLA processes
Plastic filament material is clean and easy to use
  • Compared with other additive manufacturing technologies that use powder or liquid resin as material, MEM uses filament ABS material which is clean, easy to work with and store. When used in a well ventilated area there is minimal environmental nuisance. Users are not required to wear extensive PPE to protect them from any hazardous operational environments.
Simple post print treatment saves time
  • After the printing process is completed, the printed model only needs a few minutes to remove the support structure. Other technologies like SLA or SLS require additional equipment and post processing in order to remove the remaining powder or resin. These additional post treatment processes add extra work and cost to each part produced.
Fast build speeds give quicker turnaround
  • MEM technology can build volume at speeds of 30-80cm3 per hour. For parts with thick walls or solid filler that accommodate large layer thickness, the build speed can increase to 100-200cm3 per hour

D Series Specifications

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The Inspire range of Rapid Prototyping 3D Printers from TierTime Technology Co. Ltd founded in 2003 are the largest producer of 3D Printers in the Chinese market. Backed by 10 years of R&D, the Inspire range of 3D Printers offers you affordable professional 3D Printers that can produce high quality and durable ABS 3D models for prototyping or end-use parts.

The Inspire 3D Printers can run unattended, they require little maintenance and do not need hazardous chemicals to remove support material.