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Kevvox 3D printers

Kevvox D Series Overview

The new professional Kevvox 3D printers are stand-alone systems, based on DLP technology, that fit comfortably into any design or engineering environment. There are two Kevvox SP Series models — the SP4300 and the SP6200.

These offer 2 different build volumes, 56x35x100mm and 80x50x100mm respectively with a minimum Z layer height of 10 microns. There is also a choice of Wax-like and ABS-like materials with more in development.

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  • Easy to use stackable trays, that shortens cleaning time and can rest on a flat surface.
  • Resins can be left in the machine overnight under cold temperatures without fear of it sticking permanently to the tray.
  • Built-in heating element ensures cold resin is brought up to the required temperature, for efficient and error-free printing.
  • Flip-up door for easy user access.
  • Broad access area when removing printed parts from the printer.
  • Pause & Resume function on printer.
  • Overnight printing with auto-off function.
  • True desktop size, low noise and can be easily housed within an office environment.

Kevoxx Resin 3D Print


The Kevox professional printer produces high quality parts in three materials: ABS-like, Wax-like and Rigid HighTemperature photopolymer.

ABS-like Resin

  • Translucent orange colour
  • Strong printed parts – good for end use parts or test fit.
  • Crisp detailed print quality.

WAX-like Resin

  • Uses generic investment casting powder.
  • Normal burnout cycle, low shrinkage and works like normal carving wax.
  • Non-brittle printed parts – print very fine details without the fear of them breaking during or after printing.
  • Wax-like parts are durable enough to be handled and survive being posted to clients.
  • No post processing required after curing, snap supports off and directly cast.

Rigid High Temperature photopolymer.

  • High temperature resistant properties allow for production of vulcanised rubber moulds without breaking or melting the material master pattern.